Doggy Daycare

Dogs are supplied with fully enclosed grassed areas which enable the dogs to run around safely in agroup. If they are not happy playing with other dogs they can be kept by themselves. Food is supplied in the morning and afternoon. Dogs are provided with a separate kennel for an afternoon rest with a trampoline bed.

For more information or to make a booking please contact us (please make all bookings by phone).

Doggy Daycare

Top Spot Boarding Kennels and Cattery – It’s Doggy Day Care that’s perfect for your pooch.

Doggy Day Care at Top Spot Boarding Kennels and Cattery is more than a home away from home for you dog – it’s the ultimate in pet boarding comfort, fun and adventure.

If you have a busy family life that keeps you away from home most days of the week, it’s possible your dog might be feeling a little lonely or bored. A great solution to this is Doggy Day Care. Instead of patiently waiting at home for you to return, they could be out having fun.
Getting plenty of exercise, and mixing with other dogs provides that all important active play and social interaction. This will not only help to relieve boredom and anxiety during the day – it will leave your pet pooch, happy, relaxed and settled, ready for a cosy evening at home with the people they love most – you.

Doggy Day Care is great for dogs with loads of energy to burn, and those who are not big fans of being home alone for too long. It provides a fun adventure during the day, when they’re most likely to feel bored, and perhaps, get up to a bit mischief. Doggy Day Care will give your pooch lots more confidence and help them feel a lot more comfortable around other dogs.

What will your dog do at Doggy Day Care?

At Top Spot Boarding Kennels and Cattery, we believe dogs should do what dogs do best. We provide a fun and stimulating environment that simply allows dogs to be dogs.
First of all, we make sure your dog feels safe, relaxed and comfortable in their new environment. They’re provided with fully enclosed grassy areas, ideal for running, playing and socialising safely, in a group situation. If your pooch prefers a little downtime from the pack, no problem. They can relax on their own, in comfort.

Tasty meals are served morning and afternoons, and after lunch it’s time for a well-earned siesta in their own, separate kennel, fully equipped with an uber-comfy trampoline bed – its Doggy bliss!  
If your pooch has special needs, such as medications, diet or specific exercise, our trained staff have it covered. All you need to do is tell us what’s required, and we’ll make sure they’re looked after.

Who will your pooch play with at Doggy Day Care?

For fun, safety and stress-free interaction, we arrange playgroups based on dog size and temperament. These groups allow different dogs to adjust to playing in different environments. And all our group play sessions are supervised to make sure your pup is fitting in and having a good time. After all, your dog deserves the best.